Monday, 5 November 2012

Aquarius (20 January-19 February)

Stone: Jet
Flower: Snowdrop
Animal: Swallow

Sun sign: Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Uranus. t is a masculine air sign. Keywords for Aquarius are independence and compassion. You a a friendly person  and there is nothing you wouldn't do for others. If you are a typical Aquarius you will be modern in outlook.You like to collect things but then end up getting rid of everything. You take care of everything in your life, friendship, dreams and goals closely and carefully.You are interested in ideas and not possessions. Aquarius is represented by the upturned water jug- a constant stream of ideas and inspiration.

Moon sign: You are a highly original thinker and you are extremely creative. You are interesting and unusual and have many fascinated friends. Although you must guard against careless talk or flippant actions at times when life is dull. You need to find a balance between innovative ideas and practical actions before you get carried away by your ideas. Because you are a lover of freedom you like to think of ways to improve society. You like to have freedom and others are naturally drawn to your enthusiasm and fun thinking. Sometimes you can be secretive and difficult to understand. You have an unpredictable character which can cause some confusion. You need to stay grounded when it comes to business concerns. Being nervous can affect your health, especially the eyes and lower body. As a parent, you give strong moral support but also expect your children to become independent at a young age.

The Aquarius sign

                   Aquarius is represented by a constant flow of water

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