Friday, 15 February 2013

Inner And Secret Animals

As you know, you have an animal that you are compatible with in chinese astrology, based on they year you were born. But you also have inner and secret animals. These inner and secret animals also govern your life. Your inner animal is worked out by the month you were born in - the lunar month, this controls your love life. In order to find out if you are compatible with another sign you need to know both your inner animal and your potential partner's.
      Your secret animal is determined by the time of your birth, and this animal reveals the true you -to yourself only of course.
Animal months and hours:
Rat: December, 11pm- 1am
Ox: January, 1am- 3am
Tiger: February, 3am- 5am
Hare: March, 5am- 7am
Dragon: April, 7am- 9am
Snake: May, 9am- 11am
Horse: June, 11am- 1pm
Goat: July, 1pm- 3pm
Monkey: August, 3pm- 5pm
Rooster: September, 5pm-7pm
Dog: October, 7pm- 9pm
Pig: November, 9pm- 11pm
eg. If you were born at 09:30m in December in the year 2001, your main animals is the snake, your inner animal is the rat and your secret animal is the pig. So you are a wise and curious person, you will go out of your way to please the one you love, you would be clean in your habits and have good common sense.
And I will be posting about the different animals in the future and what their like, and their elements and whether their Yin or Yang.
Don't be afraid to comment if you're confused, it took me a while to get it.


  1. So if I was born at exactly 1am would I be a rat or an ox?

    1. Hhhmmm..... most likely an ox, but a bit of both I suppose.