Monday, 22 October 2012

Aries (22 March-20 April)

Stone: Diamond and Bloodsrone
Flower: Wild rose
Animal: Ram

Sun sign: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Your ruling planet is mars. It is a masculine fire sign. (doesn't mean your male, fire has to do with palmistry which will be explained later in my blog). Keyword for aries are assertive and urgent. You are a person of adventure and if you are a typical aries you will know no fear. You have high energy levels, and you love your freedom. You hate having any sort of discipline. You can be quick tempered and impulsive. You should learn to be patient, things will come when they some. You are enthusiastic and generous and think quickly in emergencies.

Moon sign: you are impulsive and hasty and often make quick decisions. Your impatients may cause accidents so learn to loosen up.You have an agile mind and would make a good leader, but need to be careful not to be bossy, arrogant or dismissive of others. You crave independence and can feel trapped by possessive or jealous behaviour.  As you are a fire moon your feelings are self-orientated. You are inspired by new opportunities and want to make your own path in life.You would be good in buisness but because of you 'go it alone' attitude you need to watch your mouthor you will sometimes regret what you say.

The symbol for aries.

                                                                                                The ram.

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