Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gemini (22 May-22 June)

Stone: Agate
Flower: Lavender
Animal: Monkey

Sun sign: Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and its ruling planet is Mercury.  It is a masculine air sign. Keywords for Gemini are versatile and honourable. You are an entertaining character and are good at communicating. A typical Gemini is quick witted, highly intelligent and extremely versatile. You have strong opinions but may change them. You can be extremely amusing and talkative and have a great flair for languages and ideas.Gemini is known as the Two Stars - Castor and Pollux ( or Hercules and Apollo) which represents your communicating aspect, you always need (and have) someone to talk to.

Moon sign: You are mentally agile, moving from one idea to another with ease. You multi-task with projects and need to complete what you begin. Gemini can be gossipers and chatterboxes because of there love of speaking. You greatest tasks are appreciation of silence. You get bored easily because your mind is always coming up with better ideas or solutions to problems. You quick wittedness and versatility is a strength and a weakness, because of your tendency to move on quickly(unless your really interested) you often miss opportunities to learn, or understand others. You find emotional people hard to be around because you often have difficulty expressing your own feelings. You are drawn to the lighter side of life, where chatting and social life is more important. As long as they have stimulating outlets for their inspiration and sociability, you and them will be happy and content with around each other. Gemini parents like to stimulate the minds of their children and like to provide them with opportunities for exploration. They find it hard to stay constant but are fun to be with because of their love to spend time with their family.

The Gemini sign

                                                                                         Gemini is usually represented by two people.

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