Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cancer (23 June-23 July)

Stone: Moonstone, Ruby
Flower: Waterlily
Animal: Crab

Sun sign: Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. You ruling planet is the moon. Cancer is a feminine water sign. Keywords for Cancer are intuitive and emotional.You are caring and protective. If you are a typical cancer you will feel things deeply and care a great deal for loved ones. You can be over-emotional and too sensitive but the good thing is you are sympathetic and kind. You have very strong intuitive and imagination and have strong parenting instincts and depths of feelings others can only guess. Cancer is represented by the constellation of the crab, you like to live (or be) near the sea or water at all times.

Moon sign: You are highly sensitive and crave emotional security. You need to accept who you are. You can become extremely defensive when challenged. Your feelings are often correct but you need to be careful not to always presume your correct, falling into the negative trap of feeling wronged, hurt or rejected.You take on the sick and the weak, this gives you the opportunity to excel at what you do best, but this caring should not be allowed to spill over into obsessional behaviour. You must learn to let others make their own mistakes and not try and rescue everyone. Be careful not to be to clingy and to not retreat from areas of conflict instead of discussing them. Be your own person and don't self pityAnd don't expect the worst of things. Cancer women tend to be more emotionally unpredictable than males.
                                                              A lobster (crab)

The cancer sign.

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