Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Libra (24 September-23 October)

Stone: Opal
Flower: Violet
Animal: Hare

Sun sign: Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Its ruling planet is Venus. Libra is a masculine air sign. Keywords for Libra are harmony and diplomacy. You are calm and rational. If you are a typical Libra you will be charming, loved and respected.You like and easy-going life and are idealistic and romantic. You back away from confrontations  and unpleasantness but you are refined and elegant and there is no room in your life for confusion.Libra is represented by the scales so you see balance in everything and weigh decisions carefully. You understand give and take and are prepared to compromise.

Moon sign:You love beauty and harmony. You are naturally charming and likeable. Your good at seeing arguments from many different points of view, This is what would make you an excellent lawyer, diplomat or politician. You are understanding and sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, which makes you a good shoulder to cry on.But be careful that people don't take you for granted or that your sensitivity is a weakness. Being naturally creative, your personal spaces are artistically decorated even if little money is available. This artistic streak can extend into your working lives, with a job in the performing or visual arts, such as theatre, painting pr dance. You fall in love easily and enjoy your relationships. But remember, for a good relationship you need to learn to own up to your own faults. Disharmony in the home can lead quickly to ill health like headaches and physical tension. Libra parents want to share their cultured interests with their children, but make sure and let them to develop their own identity, and allow their own talents to progress and shine.

The Libra sign

                                                                                                      Libra is represented by scales

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